Our Mission

 Westfield Basketball Club’s mission is to provide opportunity for girls to develop as players and citizens, in support of the Westfield High School Girls Varsity Basketball Program.

Westfield Basketball Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Westfield Basketball Club earns support by hosting travel basketball weekend events, hosting AAU District Final events, AAU National events, and sponsoring then annual Shamrock Classic tournament in March. The Shamrock Classic has developed into a Midwest event, with teams from Missouri, West Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois in attendance.

Westfield Basketball Club subsidizes a portion of the costs for every girl that participates in the Travel Basketball Program, to make basketball affordable for all. In addition, WBC will absorb all costs in instances of financial hardship for needy players. WBC has paid a portion of middle and high school teams to allow them to attend camps such as D-One, Purdue University, Indiana University, and Notre Dame. Support of of both Westfield High School Girls and Boys Varsity programs has included purchase of scoreboards, shot clocks,and a shooting gun.

How are we doing?  We asked the Varsity Coach, and the WHS Athletic Director:

I would like to thank the Westfield Basketball Club for the continued support and enthusiasm for our basketball program. Your time, energy, and effort certainly help us run this program in a first class manner. In the last 4-5 years we have taken the kids to Holiday World, Cedar point, Kings Island, and many great team camps. We also provide the kids with the latest gear and practice packs during our season at minimal cost to parents. Your contributions benefit our kids without it being a financial burden for parents. Thanks again, for all you do for Westfield Basketball. GO ROCKS

Shane Sumpter
Westfield High School Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

We are very appreciative of the support both financially and through player development that the Westfield Basketball Club provides our community. Our high school program works closely with the club to provide opportunities for our kids. The willingness to help financially has helped fund the purchase of many items to promote our girls basketball program. The club is also helpful in working with our staff to provide basketball opportunities for those kids that choose to be a part of their program. We look forward to a continued positive relationship with the club. Thanks!

Bill Davis
Westfield High School Athletic Director

Our Sponsors

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We are very grateful to all our sponsors and supports who make this club possible.  Please click here to go to our sponsors page and consider being a part of our Westfield Basketball Club family by becoming a sponsor.

Meet Our Board

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Our board governs and directs the overall strategy and mission of our club.  We are grateful to their guidance and direction.  Click here to view a list of our board members as well as their contact information.

Uniform and Spirit Wear

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We pride ourselves in our uniforms and spirit wear.  Come be a part of Westfield Basketball Club Nation and support our girls as they continue their basketball journey.  Click here to go to our spiritwear section.

Shamrock Classic

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The Shamrock Classic is known as the first event of the Club Season for many midwest teams.  It has been attended by teams from MI, OH, IL, MO, WV.  It is attended by both recruiting services as well as college coaches.  It is held at Westfield Schools, as well as other nearby venues.  

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